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ApSales Healthcare

A new sales experience in the pharmaceutical and medical sector
Increase your sales efficiency in the field

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of healthcare professionals want business meetings to be hybrid, sometimes virtual and sometimes in person.

In the healthcare industry, salespeople need digital tools to further personalize the sales experience with healthcare professionals and create a relationship of trust with them, both remotely and on site.

New digital tools allow pharmaceutical representatives to adapt to the new needs of healthcare professionals and to offer them innovative products adapted to their problems.

Objective of Apsales Healthcare

With a solution adapted to the challenges of the health sector, your pharmaceutical representatives in the field will be better equipped to understand the needs and challenges of health professionals.

What is the solution?

Apsales Healthcare is a mobile solution for pharmaceutical representatives that allows them to have a 360 ° degree view of their customers, to optimize physical appointments and to offer the most suitable offers for the practice of healthcare professionals.

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Mobile application for medical representatives in Africa

Find out why Tridem Pharma, a major drug distributor in Africa, chose an intuitive mobile application to improve the performance of its medical representatives. Between planning visits to healthcare professionals and entering reports, medical representatives needed an easy-to-use application that synchronizes information in real time and can even be used offline in the field.

Benefits of the solution

Appointment management

  • Weekly planning view
  • Useful information
  • Visualization of the last actions
  • Geolocation of the day’s visits
  • Assisted planning
  • Entering reports
  • Consultation of shared calendars

Customer Information

  • History of actions carried out
  • Contact management
  • Updating customer data
  • Client sectorization and segmentation
  • Monitoring of commercial activity

Results analysis

  • Reporting of commercial activity
  • Target achievement alert
  • Team performance management
  • Visualization of results by sector and client

An application that adapts to your needs in the pharmaceutical and medical sector

Because each organization is unique, we offer you, if necessary, to push your customer experience even further by adapting the solution and its functionalities to your specific needs.

Discover our Apsales ebook dedicated to Healthcare

87% of healthcare professionals want business meetings to be hybrid. So how do you further personalize the sales experience?

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