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So Avocat

CRM solution for law firm
Develop your clientele serenely

Objective of So Franchise

With So Avocat, you will be able to structure and easily manage the development of your firm. You will thus be able to expand your customer base while retaining your current customers.

What is the solution?

So Avocat allows you to focus on your core business by helping you calmly develop your clientele.

Benefits of the solution

Develop your clientele

  • Weekly planning view
  • Useful information
  • Visualization of the last actions
  • Geolocation of the day’s visits
  • Assisted planning
  • Entering reports
  • Consultation of shared calendars

Control your customer relationship

  • History of actions carried out
  • Contact management
  • Updating customer data
  • Client sectorization and segmentation
  • Monitoring of commercial activity

Control the effectiveness of your actions

  • Reporting of commercial activity
  • Target achievement alert
  • Team performance management
  • Visualization of results by sector and client

Tailor-made functionalities

Depending on your business, Apsolue achieves all the specific features you want.

We wanted to participate in the development of So Avocat in order to offer our 150 member firms a relevant solution to develop and manage their client base. Users are all satisfied with this innovative tool that meets the needs of their legal profession.

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