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Objective of ApSales

With ApSales, your traveling salespeople will be better organized, more professional in appointments and will more easily achieve their goals.

What is the solution?

Apsales allows you to increase the efficiency of your field sales representatives and improve the customer experience.

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The day of an itinerant salesperson with Apsales

Discover the daily life of Marc, a connected B2B salesperson. Follow the progress of his day and find out how he optimizes his time and increases his productivity thanks to Apsales. On his tablet, he organizes his schedule for the day and geolocates his customers. With each new customer meeting, he enriches customer information, accesses the product catalog and suggests new offers, all even offline!

Revolutionize the day for your salespeople in the field

Appointment management

  • Weekly planning view
  • Useful information
  • Visualization of the last actions
  • Geolocation of the day’s visits
  • Assisted planning
  • Entering reports
  • Consultation of shared calendars

Customer Information

  • History of actions carried out
  • Contact management
  • Updating customer data
  • Client sectorization and segmentation
  • Monitoring of commercial activity

Results analysis

  • Reporting of commercial activity
  • Target achievement alert
  • Team performance management
  • Visualization of results by sector and client
  • Effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Tailor-made functionalities

Because each organization is unique, if necessary, we offer you to push your customer experience even further by adapting the application and its functionalities to your specific needs.

As part of the computerization project of its sales force, the Ales group has chosen ApSales. This solution meets the business needs of our sales force as well as the constraints in the field. Our salespeople have made their old laptops in favor of tablets more suited to their way of working. Today our teams are more efficient, are trained much faster and face much fewer technical problems.

The other major advantages of ApSales go through a perfect integration into our IS, an ability to operate in disconnected mode and continuous functional enrichment.

Martin GUYON

An application that adapts to all customer needs

Because each organization is unique, we offer you, if necessary, to push your customer experience even further by adapting the solution and its functionalities to your specific needs.

Discover our customer experience feedback and ebook.

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Before the pandemic, 90% of manufacturers had recognized the need to change their sales model according to market expectations. What about today ?

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