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Objective of ApCare

With ApCare, your stakeholders will be better organized during their rounds and more efficient during the intervention. You will manage their planning more effectively and you will have real-time access to their intervention report.

What is the solution?

So Franchise allows you to easily manage your on-site interventions and improve customer service.

Benefits of the solution

Intervention management

The technician receives a notification as soon as an intervention is assigned to him

  • Acceptance / Refusal of the intervention
  • Useful information
  • Visualization of the last interventions
  • Geolocation of future interventions

Report by repair

  • Photos before and after surgery
  • Completed actions
  • Material exchange possible

Quality monitoring

Timing of the intervention

  • Report of the intervention signed electronically
  • Rating of the service

Our company offers to deploy and maintain fleets of phones and tablets in business. The ApCare solution has therefore enabled us to efficiently manage our Digicoachs which work on our customers’ sites to repair their mobile terminals. We have a better quality of incident follow-up and we can precisely analyze areas for improvement. Finally, our image is enhanced by our customers who appreciate our responsiveness and the digital aspect of our exchanges.

Thierry Davigny