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of sales managers plan to invest in technologies and methodologies to help their salespeople engage effectively with prospects and customers.

Power Sales Goal

Organize and manage each step of the sales journey efficiently.

What is the solution?

The objective of this CRM is to offer VSEs and freelancers an efficient and affordable solution to structure their customer relationship and rapidly develop their sales.

This solution, which is based on Microsoft Power Apps technology, is fully integrated into the Office environment, facilitating user support and collaborative work.

Benefits of the solution

Vision 360 client

  • Centralize the information of your customers and prospects.
  • Follow for each account the actions to come and past.
  • Manage associated leads and opportunities.

Commercial process

  • Streamline your sales process by organizing the handling of your opportunities.
  • Manage your appointments, tasks and calls.

Acceleration of sales

  • Use document templates to respond to your customers’ requests.
  • Access all your customer information from anywhere.

Business management

  • Get a synthetic view of your activity thanks to customizable dashboards.
  • Follow the performance indicators of your teams in real time.

Office 365 integration

  • Stay in your Office environment and enjoy your Word document templates.
  • Find your contacts, business appointments and tasks directly in Outlook.
  • Edit your contact lists directly in Excel.