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So Franchise

Franchise networks
Control the development of your franchise network

Objective of So Franchise

With So Franchise, you will be able to industrialize the recruitment of your franchisees and easily manage your relationships with each of them.

What is the solution?

So Franchise allows you to develop your franchise network with complete peace of mind.

Benefits of the solution

Automation of the franchisee recruitment process

  • Creation of “prospects” on trade shows from your tablet
  • Automation of exchanges with franchisees via follow-up campaigns
  • Direct mailing of contracts

Animation of the franchise network

  • Event and training management
  • Marketing automation
  • New agency management process

Profitability analysis

  • Time & average cost of recruiting per franchisee
  • Analysis of results according to any axis of CRM analysis
  • Ability to create own dashboards

The SO Franchise solution allowed us to structure the development of our branch network. Thanks to this tool, we can recruit new franchisees more calmly but also monitor their development and profitability on a daily basis.

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Solution developed with

SO Franchise was developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics. Beyond the fact that it is one of the best tools on the market for the customer experience, it is above all a reliable and scalable tool. Microsoft offers through this tool a real functional palette that facilitates the digital transformation of your customer relationship.