ApSales Manufacturing

A new experience in industrial sales
Increase your sales efficiency in the field

Did you know ?

of manufacturers admit that the compartmentalization of sales and operational teams hinders the sales forecasting and production calendar processes.

From prospecting to formulating an offer, digital technology is changing the way manufacturing companies interact with their customers. The stages of the sales cycle in manufacturing have been transformed by technology. As a result, the expertise of field sales representatives is at the heart of the challenges of digitization and improving the customer experience.

Objective of Apsales Manuf

With a solution adapted to the challenges of the industrial sector, your mobile sales forces will be better equipped to establish relationships of trust with your customers and support them in the choice of increasingly complex products.

What is the solution?

Apsales is a simple mobile solution that gives you the keys to improving prospecting, sales performance and customer loyalty in a rapidly changing industrial sector.

Appointment management

  • Weekly planning view
  • Useful information
  • Visualization of the last actions
  • Geolocation of the day’s visits
  • Assisted planning
  • Entering reports
  • Consultation of shared calendars

Customer Information

  • History of actions carried out
  • Contact management
  • Updating customer data
  • Client sectorization and segmentation
  • Monitoring of commercial activity

Results analysis

  • Reporting of commercial activity
  • Target achievement alert
  • Team performance management
  • Visualization of results by sector and client

An application that adapts to your needs in the manufacturing sector

Because each organization is unique, we offer you, if necessary, to push your customer experience even further by adapting the solution and its functionalities to your specific needs.

Discover our Apsales ebook dedicated to Manufacturing

Before the pandemic, 90% of manufacturers had recognized the need to change their sales model according to market expectations. What about today ?