Improve your on-site customer service

With APCare, your representatives will be better organized during their tours and more effective during the intervention. You will be able to control their planning more efficiently and access their intervention report in real time.

Intervention Management

  • The technician receives a notification whenever an intervention is assigned to him
  • Acceptance / Refusal of intervention
  • Useful information
  • Viewing the last interventions
  • Geolocation of future interventions

Reporting by repair

  • Before and after pictures
  • Completed actions
  • Exchange of material possible

Quality Monitoring

  • Timing of the intervention
  • Report of the intervention signed electronically
  • Rating of service


Because each organization is unique, we offer you if necessary to further your customer experience by adapting the application and its functionalities to your specific needs.

Thierry Davigny

Customer feedback

Our company proposes to deploy and maintain fleets of telephones and tablets in company. The ApCare solution has enabled us to efficiently manage our Digicoachs which intervene on the site of our customers to repair their mobile terminals. We have better quality incident monitoring and we can analyze precisely the points of improvement. Finally, our image grows and our customers appreciate our reactivity and the digital aspect of our exchanges.

Our Approach

Rethinking the mobility approach

  • The initial approach
  • The business approach
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Modular application architecture

  • An unique framework
  • Simplified and secure integration
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An adapted methodology

  • An iterative methodology
  • An interactive methodology
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The initial approach
The advent of tablets with their ergonomics and intuitiveness allowed a new approach of mobility.
Apsolue builds on this revolution by realizing customized applications that exploit all this potential.

The business approach
In a context where access to information becomes a competitive advantage, innovation is a lever to increase performance.
Apsolue imagines and designs customized solutions for the business to facilitate the appropriation and use of new mobile tools.

An unique framework
The strength of our applications is based on a base of components designed in a logic of adaptation to the trades.

Simplified and secure integration
The heart of Apsolue’s solution lies in a mobility base that interfaces with the company’s information system and ensures the synchronization of the tablets.

An iterative methodology
Agile mode, Apsolue regularly delivers versions bringing new features, improvements and fixes, which helps to avoid tunnel effects, guarantee the quality of the applications and energize the project

An interactive methodology
The realization of interactive models allows the animation of workshops in order to identify continuously the functionalities expected by the users.

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